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START Diagonala335


20th June 2020 at 00.01h

START Diagonal'ca


15th June 2019 at 10:30h

postponement to 2021

The event for 2020 cancelled

We wish for the Diagonala335 event to be as outstanding as it was in the past. After few weeks of quarantine and isolation because of the Coronavirus, we had to make an important decision to cancel the event scheduled for 6/20/2020. Due to the limited time for preparation and early bird applications received that ensure us a quality organization, and ultimately uncertainty and health risks, we are postponing the event into 2021 (date not yet known).

The estimated free PREPARATION TOURS for 2020 are POSTPONED and remain “open” until further notice. They will be organized when the situation will be stabilize. We’ll keep you updated for new dates this year.

The OFFER FOR EARLY BIRD APPLICATIONS is therefore extended until end of MARCH 2021, and applications are available HERE.

Diagonala335 Team

Timeline and What’s going on

Times when and what one can expect along the way.

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Every good work done pays out triple, therefore check here how we help future athletes.

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Directions for cyclists

Detailed information about the route, logistics, safety on the road and how to get ready for the road.

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Charity cycling collection & more

Dress a charity cycling collection Diagonala335 2019. From each clothing item sold you contribute 10 € for charity. In cooperation with the company Žolna sport, we have designed and created a top-quality collection for your pleasure. You can choose among a short and long cycling jersey, shorts, and T-shirt of any size. We also recommend Energera products for the trip.

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Participants speak

  • Different, new, perhaps slightly crazy and unusual experience. Challenge, start at midnight, always available supporting team, enough stops and most of all, fun. I recommend you take the route; it will be an unforgettable experience. You also have an available accompanying vehicle at all times and, of course, and nice people around to support you.

    Saša Bohinc
    JB Team Novo mesto
  • There is a time in the year when soulmates gather in Trdkova (start of Diagonala335) and start cycling into the night. Shining reflectors, strong lights, smiling faces, positive people on the wheels, shortly invaluable. Along the Slovenian diagonal we explored its beautiful places. At the end only the brave ones jump traditionally into the sea. Welcome hopers.

    Rok Potočnik
    Electro power supply engineer
  • I took part at the event with a plan B to stop in Ljubljana, which of course did not come into consideration. I had a few starting problems during the night at first, but after the day break all doubts disappeared. The atmosphere, the help, and everything else was TOP, even the accompanying team was so much supportive. I’m happy to go again. Happy Diagonal!

    Maja Volk - Zmaja
    Head of Technical Editors at the Finance Magazine
  • In 2019, for a third time in a row, I have cycled the whole of Slovenia in one day. It was accompanied with a pleasant company 🙂 During the trip, joy, conversation, coexistence and help count, and not competition or victory. This is a great opportunity to experience great sport pleasures in a beautiful countryside. Organization of the event itself is perfect!

    Borut Ivanuša
    Technical Officer / Electronics Development
  • Diagonala335 was an amazing and empowering experience. I was nervous at the beginning but everyone was so encouraging and supportive. I pushed myself very hard and it felt like such an achievement at the end. I will never forget the exhilaration of coming fast down Črni Kal before the seaside.

    Brooke Bingham, Australia
    Staffing Options for Community Services
  • I attended Diagonala 335 for a personal challenge, “if I can”. It was great, everything was great, the escort, refreshments and companions. I would recommend that you get for yourself a good head light with a durable battery or 2 lights for approx. 5h operation and get on the road.

    Tomaž Štor
    operator on the printer
  • I applied for the event with a fear not being able to hold out such a distance. But all the fear was gone just after we started. I had a simple goal to take the distance to Portorose. It was so great that I hardly wait to take a part at the event this year.

    Primož Jezeršek
    car painter
  • I attended the Diagonala event mainly because I like cycling and I adore the beauty of our land as well as because of the charity. I really liked everything from the route itself on one side, which was very diverse, to the good company one another side. I have met many nice people and I cannot wait to participate this year again. The feeling was so great.

    Bojan Slavinec
    car mechanic / welder
  • I am still gathering memories of those 14 hours of cycling through beautiful Slovenia. The company was unique. The feeling with a view of the whole route was really unique, something I have not experienced yet. I would advise this experience to anyone who likes challenges, who like cycling and eating Trojan donuts.

    Aleš Flisar
    Truck Driver/Landscaper

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Application 2021
Application fee will be 45€ from April 1st, 2021 on.

Also this year available the shorter version of Diagonala335, called Diagonal’ca.

Be a part of this spectacular event . Application closes on June 10th, 2021 at 11:59pm. 


335km (Trdkova - Portorose)
  • Party at start
  • Donuts, 2x hot meal & drinks on the way
  • Accompanying vehicle + mobile bike service
  • Luggage transport
  • Exciting atmosphere + an accordion music escort
  • Medal and final jump into the sea


133km (Ljubljana - Portorose)
  • Drinks on the way and hot meal at the destination
  • Accompanying vehicle + mobile bike service
  • Luggage transport
  • Exciting atmosphere + an accordion music escort
  • Medal and final jump into the sea
On the day of the event, the exact location will be visible on this map, so you can find us.

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