Directions for cyclists


As a cyclist, everyone can participate in this event. The event is especially made for recreational cyclists. Participation is possible in the following three ways:

  • The whole length of 335 kilometers of the tour (Diagonala335),
  • Shorter tour from Ljubljana to Portorose with the length of 133 kilometers (Diagonal’ca) or
  • Partial participation (by choosing a point to join the cyclists on the tour).



Application for the event is required. The early registration fee is 25 € until the April 30th 2019, after that date the application fee is 30 €. The registration will end on the June 9th 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

The application fee includes:

A power-up at the start, a warm meal in Ljubljana and at the destination in Portorose, a drink along the way, an accompanying vehicle, transport of your small backpack in an accompanying vehicle from the start to the finish, the possibility of using mobile bicycle service and an accordion music escort, medal and organisation of the event.

Application is confirmed by the payment of the application fee, which at the same time brings supportive membership in the Association SIMA and it is valid as joining statement for the membership.



We start our ride at night Friday to Saturday on the 15th of June 2019 at 00:01 a.m.

The start of the tour is at the tripoint in Goričko in the village of Trdkova at the address Trdkova 22, 9263 Kuzma, Slovenia (Commune of Kuzma) exactly at the Trdkova fire station.

Preparation for the start and final registration which is required will take place on Friday night on the June 14th 2019 from 10:45 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. There it is also possible to power up. The start is on June 15th 2019 a minute after midnight (at 00:01 a.m.).

Available information with instructions will be received via e-mail a few days before the event. At the start, security officers will guide you about the certain traffic regime. Parking spaces will be provided.


Registration at the start of Diagonal’ca (133 kilometers long tour) is required and will take place on the June 15th 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the address: Vodovodna cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, in front of the building of the Sports Association of Ljubljana. Date of the start is on the June 15th 2019 at 10:30 a.m.


Every cyclist who joins the event participates under their own responsibility, and takes care of their own safety on the road. He or she declare to obey road traffic regulations in Slovenia throughout the event.

Every cyclist participates voluntarily and according to its own physical abilities. The event is taking place in every weather condition.

Longer (20-30 minutes) rests are planned in Ptuj, Vransko, Trojane, Ljubljana, Bukovje, Koper and Portorose. We will also have a few shorter stops (5-10 minutes) for technical and other things. Every cyclist ride with their desired speed, because this is not a race nor a marathon. We ride in the spirit of collaboration and pleasant socializing. The riding speed from previous experiences was between 23-27 km/h.

To download the route into a navigation device, you can use the route path in format: GPXKMLKMZ, FIT, TCX or GML. We also recommend the use of the next apps: StravaBikemapBikeGPX  and others.

For live tracking we recommend the use of the Real Time Tracker 2 app for Android . After downloading and opening the app, select Start, in the main menu select Friends and enter the username “diagonala”. After that, please wait until we approve the follow-up of the route (until Friday the June 14th 2019 until 12 p.m. With the download it takes all only 2 minutes.

If you are an iPhone user and cannot download the app, you can watch us live on the internet on the website (data transfer must be turn on).


Each participant will take care of his own equipment (reflective jacket, clothes lighting, spare tube, spare clothes, gloves, a few euros), compulsory equipment (night front and read light, helmet, personal and health card) and sufficient food and drink. For filling up the bidons on the route there will be enough restaurants and bars to do this, some water will be available also in the accompanying vehicle up to the consumption of stocks. Warm meal will be provided in Ljubljana and in Portorose at the end. The rest of supply is each participant responsible on his own during the short and long breaks or at the promotional points or where necessary, respectively.


During the entire journey we will be accompanied by the accompanying vehicle from which the staff will take care that the event will run smoothly. In addition to the team, there will be an accordionist and a photographer in the car. The vehicle will also have first aid kit with it.

A special accompanying vehicle will follow the route carrying your luggage, from the beginning till the end of the journey. Possible access points will be shorter and longer breaks. In exceptional cases, it will be possible to approach the vehicle also in between these breaks. Due to the large number cyclists, the luggage must be minimized as much as possible. Every piece of luggage will be numbered.

A special mobile bicycle service will also be available on the entire route. The service is included in the application fee. Spare parts and other things are subject to be paid at the regular price list of the mobile service.

In case of any emergency, the telephone number of the accompanying vehicle, the luggage carrier and the mobile service will be on the coupon given at the start.

Your backpack (please minimize the size) can be placed in a special accompanying vehicle, which will only be used for the transport of the backpacks. Each beneficiary will receive a bracelet that identifies him with a backpack.

The welcoming speech of the mayor of Mr. Josef Škalič and Simon Eržen, short instructions, final countdown will follow just before the start.


For the arrival at the start of Diagonala335 in Trdkova and leaving home from Portorose after the end of the event and possible overnight stay in Portorose and its surroundings, each participant takes care of himself. From the past events, we have witnessed the fact that participants have logistical problems with transportation because of the difference in starting and end point. That is why we have opened the FB group Diagonla335 transports 2019, for this purpose. Here the participants can arrange a car poling themselves. For us as the organizer, this would be too much, but we care, therefore we offer a package where the transport back home, application fee and overnight stay are included. If you opt for a package, the application for a Diagonala335 is in any case mandatory.


Every participant of the event must estimate that he/she is heathy, universaly prepared for a cycling trip and capable to cycle the whole track or a part of the track on the day of the event. He/she must be aware of to be responsible for his/her own health and the state of his/her own health on the day of the event.

Told by previous participants, it is recommended to cycle 1500-2000 km before the event in order to cycle the event decently without major breakdowns. Of this, 2-3 bike tours over 200 km are also recommended.