Diagonala335 is a charity event, within we collect donations for the Foundation for supporting athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds run by The Olympic Committee of Slovenia. Our purpose is to help young, promising athletes who come from socially weak backgrounds and cannot afford to play their chosen sports.

National Olympic Committee of Slovenia- Association of Sport Unions has established a special foundation to support young athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The Foundation was established with the purpose of collecting funds for young promising athletes who are successful in sports and also in education and come from socially weak backgrounds.


You can donate in a few ways. Pick the one that suits you:

  • By purchasing clothing items in Diagonala335 store 

    By purchasing a HIGH quality jersey, T-shirt, cycling shorts (made by Žolna sport) from each item you donate 10 € to charity.

  • To donate with PayPal or donate to the account of Association SIMA directly

    Transfer via PayPal via, optional amount of money with the keywords “donation  diagonala335” (in this case you have to use the “friend and family” option)

    Wire transfer to the account of Association SIMA (IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 9193 349, BIC: HDELSI22, Purpose code of payment: CHAR, Purpose: donation diagonala335) at the bank of Delavska hranilnica d.d. Ljubljana

  • By donating directly to the account of the Foundation

    Wire transfer to the account of the Foundation with optional amount (IBAN: SI56 0310 0100 3083 211, BIC: SKBASI2X, Purpose code of payment: CHAR, Purpose: donation diagonala335 2019), at the bank of SKB d.d.