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Association Društvo za prebujanje zavesti SIMA (hereinafter referred to as Association SIMA) will strive to provide on its websites as precise and up-to-date information as possible, however, websites visitors should be aware that all the content published is of informative nature and Association SIMA disclaims any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information and the integrity of the website. All visitors use the content published on these pages at their own risk.

Neither the SIMA Association nor any other physical or legal entity that took part in designing and creating the web page is liable for any temporary down-time; potentially inaccurate information; any damages arising from the use of these pages; or any incorrect or incomplete information and therefore cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience that would arise from the existence, access to and/or use and/or inability to use the information provided on these pages and/or for any mistakes or inadequacies regarding the contents of these web page, regardless of whether such parties were informed of the possibility of such damages.

Because web page includes links to other websites of third parties that are not in any way connected to Association SIMA and whose content cannot be supervised by Association SIMA, Association SIMA cannot guarantee, receive or forward complaints regarding inaccurate information on any website to which a link or reference is provided on these pages and cannot be held liable for data protection on these websites.

Association SIMA reserves the right to modify, update or delete the website contents, in part or in full, at any time and in any way, for any reason and without notice. Visitors use this website and all its contents at their own risk.



All materials featured on the website are copyright-protect content and their usage outside of the web portal is allowed only when following special terms.


The logo and all other elements of the visual identity of Diagonala335 are copyright work of Studio8 and Picto Design. Association SIMA is the owner of material copyrights of the whole visual identity regarding Diagonala335. With prior consent of Association SIMA  and in accordance with already established rules, visual identity elements can be used with promotional materials and commercial products. When using them on the internet it is desirable to quote the source on the image or next to it stating the link to the website Diagonala335:


All Images and all video content published on the web portal are owned by Association SIMA. For other images of other sources  rights from their providers/owners have been acquired.

Photographs are allowed for personal use only (desktop backgrounds, screensavers, web sites, electronic documents, printing on paper, seminar papers, school use, …). In all documents it is necessary to quote the source of the image (website Diagonala335: When using an image or a video on the website use the link to webpage

In case of using photographs or video for commercial purposes (nonprofit organisations included) a preliminary agreement with Association SIMA is required. The term commercial usage applies to publishing photographs in publications, on posters, all other documents (electronic and printed), usage in media, social media platforms etc.

Any reproduction of the photographic material and video content, distribution or profitable usage (third-party sells) is prohibited.

Photographs and video content published on webpage can be obtained in a digital format in a higher resolution (appropriate for printing).



Please consider that all photographs and video content are the property of Association SIMA and the following general conditions and terms of use apply. Next to the photograph or video used must be stated:

  • Logo and the webpage ‘’ or at least webpage ‘’
  • The author of the photograph (this can be found in the subpage Gallery on the webpage

We kindly ask you to forward us a copy of the published material or the link to the web page where the photographs or video are being published. In case of any questions regarding the  general conditions and terms of use, please contact us.


All interactive maps can be used only within the web portal It is not allowed to link the map to other web pages. Copying, editing, processing, printing or any other usage without the consent of Association SIMA is not allowed.

For further Information please contact us via email info [at]

Privacy Policy

Association SIMA collects personal information, such as name, surname, e-mail, home address and telephone number and other personal data which the user provides via the forms published on the website, to perform the required services properly. Association SIMA is not held responsible for the accuracy of the data, which are provide by the user. Association SIMA can store on the users computer also other cookies, such as the user’s identification number in a coded form (for user recognition with the following website visit) and Google Analytics cookies (for the analysis purposes of the website visits). Session cookies are stored in the server memory only for the time of the website visit and are erased within an hour of inactivity. Persistent cookies are saved on the user’s computer for 2 years after becoming inactive. Please check the list of used cookies.


Visitors of the website can subscribe to the e-newsletter. With this action they give consent to be informed by Association SIMA vie e-mail on cycling and hiking excursions, projects, travelogues and events hosted by Association SIMA until revocation via e-mail. Association SIMA collects the following information in regard to subscribing to the newsletter: email and in case of a application to an event as a participants  also name, surname, address and telephone number.

After the user submitted the filled in form via email, he/she will receive a confirmation notification. When the confirmation of this email, the user will be subscribed to e-newsletter of Association SIMA. The user can cancel the subscription anytime via email or with a click to the link in the newsletter. This request will be handled in accordance to the current law and GDPR regulation. The user can also request the data transfer or more detailed introduction. Operators of this database, Association SIMA, commits to the safekeeping of personal data in compliance with the data protection legislation. E-news of Association SIMA will be sent with MailChimp application.


Processing of data collected with the participation in sweepstakes is handled according to the Regulation on sweepstakes.


All data that a user provides via online forms on the web page or are submitted in any other way (via email, telephone etc.) are confidential and are processed in accordance with the valid Slovene legislation. The Association SIMA will protect the personal data against any misuse. Personal data will only be used for the purpose for which the user gave his voluntary consent. Access to this personal data is granted only to authorized persons with a username and password provided by the Association SIMA. This includes some members of the Association SIMA and other contractual partners who cooperate with SIMA on the subject of personal data. Each user is also responsible for ensuring data security in a way, that he/she ensures a secure password and username and does not allow any third person to access it or make any possible changes in his/her name.

All data that a user entrusts the operator are confidential. The Association SIMA will not forward them to unauthorized third parties. Personal data that were provided with an order via the website can be forwarded the entrusted partners the the purpose of processing the order or via a legal duty in accordance with the valid Personal Data Protection Act. The data can be forwarded to:

  • Contractual partners for the purpose of processing a customer order,
  • Contractual partners for the purpose of data processing and other information services which provide a smooth operation of the website and its improvements (server hosting, e-mail marketing, etc.)
  • Authorised institutions, if the law requires (courthouses, etc.)

All partner who have access to personal data are bound by contract to responsible handling according the the European legislation.


A user can at any time apply for familiarization with the personal data which are handled by the operator and can also apply for a restriction in use, removal, correction or transfer of their personal data. In case of further questions regarding this matter, please contact us info [at]


By using the website the user agrees with the general terms of use, published on this website. On this sport the user can regularly track any possible changes of the general term of use and consequently the way and manner of processing of the collected personal data.


With a click on the icon of the individual social network (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) published on the website, the user can access to social network profiles of the Association SIMA and other published profiles with content related to the Association SIMA. A click on this buttons enables the user quick access to informational content regarding the users web activity.

The operator of the personal data is: Association SIMA, Arnolda Tovornika 17, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, tax ID number 34533361. For further possible question regarding privacy and personal data prosecuting  you can contact us at info [at]